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Prove me Wrong
Oh and if any of your have any bright ideas on how to make some cash and just dont have the means to make it happen... Let me know... I have the means i just dont have the ideas... used to.. but that left me when everythign else left me....

oh and you should all join me at

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woooooaaaaa.... Long time no update.... I live at Dash Point now... Two HOUSEmates... I still work in seattle but due to lack of funding i only work mondays... Cheesy i know... Hmmm lets see.. Recently had a girly friend, rachel, lasted for two weeks, we broke up for a stupid reason and i miss her already but what can you do... So to sum all of that up... I have joined Kristen in Melancholia and i think we will be sad there together... ;-(
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Finally Ping pong champion
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Shes the angel under my wings of darkness

.... i just wish she knew that
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Im moving next saturday.... just though i would let you know...
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"Happiness" is a state of mind in which we believe that our desires are being fulfilled. Desires that have been fulfilled do not make us happy. Only desires that are being fulfilled make us happy. We all have simultaneously desires that are both being fulfilled and being unfulfilled. Unfulfilled desires make us unhappy. Therefore, we are all simultaneously happy and unhappy. If the strength and number of desires being fulfilled is greater than the strength and number of desires being unfulfilled then the net result is happiness. The converse produces unhappiness.
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shot down
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Speaking of the web site, for any one who doesn't know, its still at www.americandrone.com then click on coming soon. The reason its taking so long is cause my php buddy became a douchebag and know im learning php on my own so i can do it all by my lonesome. oh well, it will be better that way. Oh and that picture on the top is of Kyle. Sexy ain't he ;) ANy girls interested i can hook you up.
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Coheed and Cambria rules

Janell rules

debbie is a pain in the ass

wish the circle would get back together (jeremy, kyle, dillon, me, and ...)

playing bass again

64inch plasma pioneer PURE tv.... dreams....

I want Janell

i just remembered kyle has my hellsing

whats up kyle, hows life?

whats up dillon, hows life

work sucks, moneys good, would rather be with janell

jeremy and kara for christmas on the 23rd or something like that

all i want is rest...

ONe day i will get that web site done, then you will finally have a home kyle.. :)

does any one even read my shit.... i hope not...
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Essh, I just got back from Lowels and I met the one of the hottest girls i have ever seen. My friend debbie introduced me to her. Her name is Janell..... very hot. meh.. So turns out i will be moving to Seattle near the end a January.
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